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Bayman's Bounty Jarred Oysters Pint (4 pack)

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Raised in the Little Wicomico River where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake Bay, known by the locals as 'middle bay', our oysters have a sweet, buttery flavor and a crisp finish. These freshly shucked oysters are grown, shucked, and jarred on our farm. 

One pint contains roughly 35-40 oysters per jar. This pack contains 4 pints.

Grown by fourth-generation watermen using time-honored farming and harvesting methods. Our jarred oysters are hand-graded immediately after harvest to provide the best product possible.

Guaranteed fresh upon delivery or your money back. We harvest and ship oysters the same day directly from our farm.

Flavor Profile

Our oysters have a unique and mild sweet, buttery flavor with a clean, crisp and a hint of salt

Oyster Info

Harvested from the Little Wicomico River at the intersection of the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay.

Our oysters average 3inches to 3.25 inches.

Salinity 14-18ppt