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Since 1972 we've grown and harvested oysters from the heart of the Little Wicomico River.

Farm Raised & Wild Caught Oysters

Shuck & Savor

Flavors of Spring: Fresh Cucumber Mignonette

Spring is no time to slouch on the slurp. Farmed oysters like our Lucky Labs are great in part because they’re good y...

Spring Oysters! Understanding the Change in Flavor

With Spring approaching, we know that the flavors of our farm-raised Lucky Labs will change a bit, based on the chang...

Easy Grilling Tips for Delicious Oysters

Grilling oysters might seem fancy, but it's actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Whether you're a gril...

Honoring the Heritage of Virginia Oysters

All of our farm raised oysters are raised on site in our nursery and on our oyster ground in the Little River. Every oyster is raised either from the very beginning of the growth cycle, as larvae, or they are purchased and raised from small seed.

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Spat on Shell Raised Oysters

Much like our Aquaculture stock our spat on shell grown oysters begin their growth on land in large tanks as larvae. They don't remain on land nearly as long, and are soon taken out and set onto our oyster grounds. Once there they spend the rest of their life span growing until we come back to harvest.

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