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Our Farm. Our Legacy.

Purcell's Seafood, founded in 1972 by Warren Purcell along the serene shores of Virginia's Little Wicomico River, quickly became renowned for its dedication to oyster harvesting. Embracing sustainable aquaculture practices under the stewardship of the Harding family, Purcell's has evolved to enhance local oyster populations while preserving our waterways. Today, our family's commitment to excellence and community remains strong, reflected in every oyster we produce.

At Purcell's Seafood, we offer more than just fresh oysters; we provide a taste of Virginia's rich maritime heritage. Cultivated with meticulous care, our farm-raised oysters meet high standards of quality and flavor, making them a favorite among local and national chefs who prioritize sustainability. Join us in celebrating Virginia's coastal waters with every delicious oyster from Purcell's Seafood.



Oysters Raised Per Year






  • Harvested Fresh Everyday

    Our crews are on the waters of the Little Wicomico River every day at dawn harvesting fresh oysters for the day's shipments.

  • Shipped Daily

    Our oysters are shipped daily across the country with guaranteed delivery by the date of your choice.

  • Fourth Generation Watermen

    Our farm has been working the waters of the Little Wicomico River at the intersection of the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay since 1972.

  • Here For You

    Questions, comments or concerns? Our oysters are guaranteed fresh upon delivery. Contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

"Since discovering Purcell's Seafood, I've been consistently impressed with the freshness and quality of their oysters. You can really taste the care and tradition that goes into each harvest."

Chef Emily R., Richmond, VA

"Only the best comes out of Purcell's. Direct access to freshest oysters. Can't go wrong."

Kimberly R.

"Delicious oysters and shipped so fast to my house."

Pam M.